Waarom Google, Twitter, Facebook en LinkedIn open source ondersteunen

Interessant om de verschillende reden te lezen waarom grootste internet bedrijven een belangrijke bijdrage leveren aan open source.

Door Lauren Orsini op readwrite.com

You may not use LinkedIn, but if you’ve ever visited Wikipedia, Tumblr, or Twitter—or done anything while using the Mozilla Firefox browser—you’ve benefited from LinkedIn’s code.

LinkedIn engineers developed and continue to steward the Apache Kafka messaging program, which just so happens to apply to a lot of services outside of itself. And since it’s free and open source, companies like Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix and Pinterest use Apache Kafka, too.

It might surprise you just how often large companies give away their code to the open source community. At that point, anyone can contribute, debug, or download the code from a repository on GitHub or the Apache Software Foundation—and then use it for themselves. 

But how could companies possibly benefit from open source? Aren’t they worried about giving away their “secret sauce?” And why aren’t they spending their time focusing on the core product that will actually make them money?

I asked some of the biggest players in open source about why they do what they do.

Open Source Should Thank These Five Companies – ReadWrite.

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