Daily Archives: January 13, 2014

KMO bedrijfsleiders Laat U helpen, het is het waard!

What help can SMEs get? There are 2 broad types of potential benefit for a company if it meets the criteria: eligibility for support under many EU business-support programmes targeted specifically at companies of this size: E.g. research funding, competitiveness and innovation funding and similar national support programmes that could otherwise be banned as unfair government support (“state […]

Bottom-On not Bottom-Up: Business Entrepreneur’s Dead End | Nuets Nodes

  Nuets Nodes Pathways to a Better Future. The flow of information heralding the rise of entrepreneurial and P2P ventures is increasing.  I take no issue about persons using this route for survival or for providing services for immediate needs. But, the unquestioned assumption that this is a bottom-up process eventually leading to a just and sustainable […]