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This information was provided by Ritz Consultant  http://www.ritzcons.com/blog In any of the organization (in the business of retail/E-commerce) we need to deal with various department to fulfill customers requirement, or you can we are dependent on various department to full fill customers order, which includes manufacturing (optional), purchase (procurement), Sales, CRM, Warehouse, Retail Shops, Websites, Marketing and many approvals. […]

Laurence Lock Lee over “leading from the bottom” – Nieuwe inzichten in organisatiedenken door Sociale Netwerk Analyse

Leading from the Bottom Posted on December 16, 2013 by Laurence Lock Lee We have been long term advocates of J.B. Quinn’s inverted hierarchy model for new service led economies. Essentially Quinn’s argument was that the vast majority of jobs in the developed world (around 80%) are now service oriented and that competitive advantage now comes from having ‘best in […]